XPS modular cave entrance tiles complete

Warts and all, my first attempt at modular XPS tiles is complete. There’s things I’ll do a bit differently next time. All part of the learning curve, right?

One of these days I’ll get a better camera. I’m not certain what prompted the color shift from cool white to first a yellow cast and then a pinkish cast.

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WIP: modular XPS cave entrance

As much as I’d like to be painting and flocking, there’s no choice but to let the glue dry. Everything looks a bit cattywampus because I’ve got each piece perched on a thumbtack stuck in clay to keep the glue from sticking it to anything else.


I’ll be tinting the earth tones in a black wash tomorrow. Once that dries I can add just a wee bit of flocking and some shrubbery and that’s all she wrote.

XPS dungeon tiles a la Black Magic Craft


I’m going to learn to love/hate the digital calipers. When I had all 36 pieces stacked together haphazardly, nothing seemed amiss. When they were laid out, I noticed variation in thickness greater than I expected. I thought it was supposed to be off by only 1/32″. As it turns out, half of the pieces are over 1/2″ by 1/32″. The other half were short by a hair under a 1/16″, which is huge and made worse compared to the others that are over a 1/32″. I’m going to try and shave the slightly thick ones down a hair. The others I’m thinking of cutting down. I’ll cut six each of 1/4″, 11/32″, and 1/8″. Then the disparity is by design, suitable for various stacking and placement to indicate drops of 15″ and steps of about 7″. For long corridors, they’d be good for representing slope. Nothing wasted. Continue reading

Broken slab/cavern dungeon tile casting: the gate did it, maybe

All ready for the big finale!


That’s the mold pressed between two pieces of Wonderboard cut to size with some 2×4 scrap that seemed just right applied to help even out the pressure. What I’ve read said to use rubber bands, except I didn’t happen to have any of those on hand, but I did have some elastic bandage and thought I’d give that a try. Everything looked good when all set up. Nothing bound was budging. I wrapped the bottom in foil just in case of leakage. Continue reading

Broken slab/cavern tile mold making II: The Redemoldening


As seen above, the two-part mold came away from the mold board and building brick flask. If anything, it was a smoother operation this time.

Much to my relief, the two-part mold didn’t turn into one stuck-together block. As noted previously, I had brushed the cavities with a 50/50 paint thinner/petroleum jelly compound. After picking up excess compound with a dry brush, I set the mold aside to air dry for a bit. That turned into overnight. So I really wasn’t certain that the parting compound would work at all. Yes, yes, it did. Continue reading