When all you have is a hammer


Sometimes you need a thing and all you can do is craft it with the materials at hand. My product photography setup is, for the moment, just a bit cramped. It’s so cramped, for that matter, that my tabletop tripod fill lights either don’t leave room for the product, or vice versa. No good. Continue reading


For contrast and context

All roads lead to Rome…some just take you through the seedier bits

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In the past, my artistic efforts have been…erratic, shall we say? I’ve liked doctoring photos and throwing effects on them. I’ve done a little pen and ink stuff about on par with glorified doodling. My best efforts (in my own opinion) have come from compositing multiple images together and then throwing effects at the results (Night Sky Woman/Nuit and Ancient Old Man/Shuruppak being my best examples).

Now that I’m equipped with real tools, I have no idea what’ll happen next. That’s just the way I like it.

First crack at playing with On1 Develop settings

Before and after


There’s certainly far more subtle effects I could have gone for, but this first time around I wanted to see just what happens if I pile on a handful of extremes one after the other. I like the softer glow of the original more, but there’s something about all the harsh edges that gives After an almost collage-like effect. Continue reading