First campaign – So’thazrael’s trial by fire

The whole point of world building, for me at least, is to have a custom setting suitable either for gaming or fiction. I hope that what I come up with will eventually be suitable for gaming, but its primary purpose is as the setting for storytelling. I’m finding that it’s a slow process. I’m enjoying it, but it’s slow.

Meanwhile, I’m champing at the bit to try my hand at storytelling, so this strikes me as a fine time to try a more bottom-up approach as well. For the setting, I’ll be using Module B1, In Search of the Unknown. My primary guide for trying out different encounters will be the Players Manual and the Dungeon Masters Rulebook from the 1983 Frank Mentzer Basic Set. Continue reading “First campaign – So’thazrael’s trial by fire”


First stab at wood carving

I spent some quality time with the Dremel tool today. I’m still not decided on whether or not I like the idea of keeping the line art in high relief for a display piece, but it’s way too soon to see how the effect will look. So far it’s just the outlining on the inner details of the helmet, with a bit carved roughly down to the desired depth. Depending on how it comes out, I could always try making some woodcut prints from it.

Another small advance on…coastlines

Of course it was going to be coastlines!

I’ve been looking over the instructions in Antique Style Maps in GIMP (available at Cartographers’ Guild). As with other techniques, there’s plenty to go back to when it comes time to put some terrain on these continents, but this isn’t the method for me just yet. The method for generating coastlines from difference clouds works, but I prefer the simpler method I posted about earlier.

While playing around with that simpler method (adjusting the threshold on a large fill of difference clouds), I realized that scalability would be nice. Continue reading “Another small advance on…coastlines”

Tonight in continents

First thing I want to try tonight is another go at the coffee stain method. Last night I used a piece of scrap paper from an old art project that had already absorbed moisture and dried, so the texture may have been off. At one point the stain tried to form a straight line along one of the buckles in the paper. That, and I cheated. Instead of getting a splash of fresh coffee from the pot, I tried the mocha I was drinking at the moment. Who knows, maybe the chocolate and milk messed with the way the coffee bled into the already wet/dried paper?

On with the fresh coffee! Continue reading “Tonight in continents”