Daily Log Entry 3/7/2017 10:32 PM

Got some new tools in the arsenal now. And going back to the drawing board for a host of little reasons. Ultimately, it’s still progress. Nothing has changed about the storyline even a little, but the map and my scattershot approach to image sizes needs to be fixed sooner rather than later. Good times ahead. Look for a new feature soon.


Daily Log Entry 3/6/2017 11:27 PM

Minor backstep. On the bright side, I remembered the general way I accomplished the last two steps. Down side, I was silly and didn’t write down specific values for attributes and a precise sequence of steps that would keep things consistent where needed. So I was able to go back an reinvent the process, but this time remembered to jot down the necessary notes and realized it would be best to do all of a type of region first, then the next, etc., than to try to sweep down from one to the next. Still a step forward, huzzah!

February Daily Log Entries


Once a month I’ll transfer my Daily Log contents to a blog post here in the story line…for reasons of a tedious nature likely too dull to be of interest. For those who have missed the nitty gritty detail of this last month’s progress, here’s a digest of February 2017 entries. Not a bad start to this adventure if I do say so myself. Continue reading “February Daily Log Entries”

Daily Log Entry 3/4/2017 2:39 AM

3/4/2017 2:39 AM: Another step closer to a goal, a bit more tweaking to do before it’s ready for the next phase. Still need to work on the transparency for the polar layer then add in the most extreme deserts. After that, time to figure out how to apply a flat image to a globe. Perfection not needed. Good enough for government work will get me to the next creative phase: designing The Only’s island, tower and his inner sanctum, in which he’s encountered in the flesh for the first time. Then I can finish designing The Only, the unnamed narrator’s appearance, and our lowly protagonist, Ghald. Ghald’s introduction will require some other scenery building…a mountain pass and an abandoned mine. After that, I’ll need to design Shyzalok (variant spellings abound…that’s loosely adapted from “shithole” in German), a washed out little mining town whose mines were depleted a generation ago, on the wrong side of the mountains, now lacking a decent trade caravan to the nearest river (like back in the old days), and of importance to nobody but the local noble whose ill luck got him granted this domain more as punishment than anything else.

Daily Log Entry 3/3/2017

Finally finished the climate map.

Patreon patrons at the $3/month monthly support level will have access to this image as an approximately 6000 x 4000 jpg, at which size the 1″ hex map becomes apparent. Printed, this beast would come to about 4′ x 7′. I decided my alien world needed a blood red sea because why not? And apart from this view (and the previous step on the way to this one), the climate map itself won’t feature into the story graphically. For my purposes, it informs the terrain choices I make for various settings as well as what the flora and fauna will tend to be. Next step, a simplified view that I can apply to the next bit o’ crafting.

Daily Log Entry 3/2/2017

Mea culpa. Failed to log the day’s progress again. Bad Bog Monster. Took a break from the climate map, which was coming along nicely, I think. Pretty soon I’ll have what I need for the next storyline illustration, so my mind is already wandering to the next requirement. So I had to take some time to shop around for a proper bit of real estate for The Only. After all, a character of its nature deserves a suitable domicile, if not an entire dominion. I now know where on Iaon The Only will┬ábe, and I’ve an idea of the surrounding environs. Then I spent some quality time seeking out inspiration for The Only’s home. And had some pretty good ideas about where in that home The Only will first be encountered, and what that looks like. These are all seeds for my crafting endeavors in the very near future. Once the scene is arranged, the story can commence anew.