Time to get crackin’

Righty-o! Sorry there’s been no posts these last few days. Dayjob added a thing to the end of my day, which isn’t bad, just time-draining. After that, I’ve been crafting and scrapping things that didn’t work, and crafting some more. I’m on the edge of something good, I think.

For the moment, here’s the playlist for today’s funtimes. That’s the Spotify artist’s page for My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult. Go to Artist Radio from that, and, Algorithm willing, you’ll get a standard club night at the Blue Crystal back in the day. I could go for epic fantasy mood music, but right now I need something a bit stronger.


XPS dungeon tiles…getting thinner


All right. Once I got measuring and putting the fence into position, I decided that 1/4″ is as thin as I want to go. So I did nine tiles at 1/4″. I did the other nine at 11/32″.

Now I can do this thing up there. Continue reading

Terrain: I only look empty-handed

cave-94193_960_720There are several reasons I want to make miniature terrain pieces. In part, it’s because I would like the visual immersion as I plot out certain scenes of the tale I yearn to tell. I’d like to think that maybe one day they’d even be used in a game. One can dream. As much as anything, it’s just for the sake of the crafting. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed what little I’ve done so far. Continue reading

Classical guitar practice 3/11/2018 (evening) – now with video


Nice guitar. Probably not nylon strings, alas.

I’m relieved. Serenade II came back to me really quickly. I played through it again from memory several times to eliminate lingering errors, but there’s still some nail buzzing. Then I reverted to an old trick…speed drills. As written, the piece has a tempo of 66 quarter note beats per minute. I kicked it up a notch, played until I got it right, if a hair sloppy, then sped up the metronome again. Rinse. Repeat until I was playing it at a tempo of 144, which is where the wheels came off. Then right back to 66 with the metronome.  Continue reading