Back to the drawing board

I may be slow, but I’m nothing if not persistent. Each night since the last blog post I’ve poked and prodded at those polymer clay tiles. There were aspects with which I was happy. There were aspects about which I wasn’t so sure.



Finally got a dozen 1.25″ square tiles done and baked last night. Maybe it was from looking at them too much, I don’t know, but it was only after they came out of the oven that I started noticing design flaws that really didn’t work for me. Not little things that could be patched over, either. Flaws in how the clay was formed at the edges. Pattern issues that I decided I just didn’t like after all, like the occasional really thin “stones” along edges that I thought might work, but really didn’t. There were variations in thickness at the edges that I hadn’t noticed, giving the tiles not so much an uneven floor appearance (which I wasn’t shooting for anyway), but just a really slipshod appearance. Worse yet, I’d managed to introduce irregularities in the shapes that just wouldn’t patch up well when placed together. Either they’d end up misaligned along the outer edges, or look strange with filler in between.

Like the title says. At least I’ve learned a few things along the way. No time practicing is wasted.



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