Daily Log Entry 4/14/2017

8:24 PM

Just finished an experiment with texturing on a cardboard base. I love cardboard. It’s free, lightweight, and versatile. But what can be done with it besides cutting and painting?

For this trial, I took a scrap of cardboard, smeared wood filler on it,  and let it cure. It made for what I thought would be a great unfinished stone texture. Then, because I wasn’t sure how brittle the wood filler would be I applied a very thin coat of PVA glue (right now I’m using Titebond II premium wood glue, because it’s less than $6 for a pint) with a fingertip to spread it around and get it into all the nooks and crannies. Then I blotted off the excess glue with a rag. After it dried, I thinned some black artist’s acrylic (Liquitex) and applied that by brush as a base coat. A little drop of white gave me a nice gray for the midtones. Then I dry-brushed the white on.  All in all, I think I’m happy with this effect.


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