Daily Log Entry 4/9/2017

Tried out a polymer clay push mold. Almost, but no cigar. Didn’t release well. Mold split at corners.

So I tried a bit of reinforcement and re-baking to see if the mold could be salvaged. Meanwhile, started my second attempt at a latex rubber mold. So far so good. Three layers of rubber in, at least that many more to go before I can make the mother mold to go with it.

The re-baked press mold worked out just fine. De-molding the tile involves deforming it a bit, but nothing that couldn’t be worked out. The tile baked fine. Even better, it really took the paint. I think the talcum powder used as a mold release might double as a built-in primer if things I’ve read all tie together that way.

Here’s the new polymer clay tile, all painted up to the best of my n00b ability.

First tile from press mold


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