Daily Log Entry 4/7-8/2017

Last night’s all-nighter was productive. First, I hunted high and low for a particular drawing text. After much digging, I located it. Until I see the results of my own persistent efforts, I can’t fairly recommend it. But I like it quite well, and if you’d like to try it out for yourself, here it is. There’s more modern material to be found, but I really like Mr. Loomis’ presentation and style.

After that, I thumbed through a new book I picked up on polymer clay techniques and experimented with some metallic pigment and purple art sand. I’ll have to play around in that direction some more sometime.

Then, because the goal was to finally start practicing my drawing skills from square one, I did. In Mr. Loomis’ approach (and I’m sure this is quite common), we start with basic shapes. Circles come to mind, and they’re especially handy because characters’ heads tend to be based on them. So it would behoove me to be able to draw a halfway decent circle without needing to break out the compass.

Oish. I do not.

I remembered something I’d read somewhere before that drawing happens with the shoulder, not the fingers. Of course, my first efforts were with my bunched up writing fingers, and that just wasn’t gonna do. So I tried changing my grip on my pencil, lifting my hand from the paper altogether, setting my wrist and elbow, and drawing from the shoulder. It’s a weird feeling at first, but it grows on you. Problem was, my circles still look like someone manhandled biscuit dough. I wondered if it’s because my shoulder has no muscle memory of what a circle feels like. So I was a GIMP nerd and made worksheets. Along the way I drew lots of circles. And this work-in-progress happened, apropos of nothing other than circles. Know how the eyes in a picture seem to follow you know matter where you stand in a room?


As you can see, my circles still need help. I’ll forgive myself the lousy perspective on the pupils and irises since I haven’t actually gotten that far yet.


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