Daily Log Entry 4/2/2017

Pulled all-nighter number two (this weekend) last night. Not only did I get a decent character sketch of Fariel with and without helmet out of it, I’ve also got her opening scene.

Opening scene - rocky outcropping 500 px wide

Larger versions, should anyone be so inclined, are at DeviantArt.

Now to put another coat of latex rubber on the next practice tile. First attempt at this didn’t work. Label says to let each (thin) layer dry for 30 minutes. Wayyyyy more than 30 minutes. And they do mean thin layers. The first attempt took forever to dry (which was the problem…it hadn’t actually). Three layers of latex later, I had a minor gooey mess. On the bright side, the stuff cleans up with water and dish detergent just fine.

After that, probably time to monkey around with the articulated models. Some arms and legs would be nice.


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