Daily Log Entry 3/29/2017

Revised eBay selling strategy. The old one stank.

Next step: figure out the shopping cart @ F. W. Balsinger Used & Rare Books. I’ma learn some things. It’s also going to be a jarring disconnect for the eager ag manual seeker who finds me by way of a Google search and sees that main page. Fantasy, horror, sci-fi, agricultural implement manuals. I’m pretty sure I occupy a unique niche with that combo.

And finally got around to stripping the paint from that first cast tile, because I had to know how well paint removes from the urethane resin. Turns out that rubbing alcohol and an old toothbrush do an admirable job. That got the pigments off of all but the tiniest nooks and crannies with relative ease. A day later, and there’s no apparent harm to the tile, either. I think it’s safe to say I completely approve of Smooth-On’s Smooth-Cast 300, at least for my purposes, and at least until I find an equally suitable and less expensive material.  According to my sloppy napkin math, and ignoring time and money spent on design and mold making, the main pieces, floors, wall units, and corner units, will cost about $0.33, $0.50, and $0.67 each, respectively. Unless I start out in small batches using only the trial sized units, then I could see the costs just about triple.  In any event, I have more plans for fun than profit as far as that goes. There’s only so much volume that can move in a month, and it’s not like I foresee it being a full retirement income. But one can dream!


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