Daily Log Entry 3/26/2017

20160219 Hue 5 small

All-Nighter Friday didn’t work out. About 2 AM my brain gave it up for the day. So I tried it again last night. 38 hours of wakefulness have yielded the following for the 3/25-3/26 update:

Started organizing Flickr account and decided it was redundant. Almost deleted it. Decided to keep it as another channel for whatever graphics I upload.

Posted daily log updates for 3/23 and 3/24.

Added Daniel Ash to Spotify playlist.

Created long series of color variations on a piece I called Chromatic Burst. 71 variations, iirc.

Uploaded those images and a great many more at DeviantArt.

Added The Bolshoi to Spotify playlist.

Idea: use those Chromatic Bursts as decorations on cast resin tiles for wall or floor. Hrm? Whattaya think?

Updated header image at F. W. Balsinger Used & Rare Books with new logo. Not much else there yet.

Sorted through folder of old sketch work. Selected some to scan eventually, just to establish a baseline. I can’t get worse with practice, right?

Took notes on deleting frames in Flashback Pro. Reviewed and marked a sample recording.

Used Free MTS Converter to convert all video recordings I’ve made to date (32 of ’em by my ┬álast count) to MP4 so Flashback Pro can convert them again to its native format.

Converted all those recordings from MP4 to the Flashback format, .fbr.

While conversions were going on, that was a good time to bounce back to the bookstore for a bit. Spent that time collecting inventory data for the upcoming store pages. At this point, I now have over 1600 entries to add to my Amazon affiliate account, and that’s only just scratching the surface.

Finished uploading images to Flickr.

After all the conversions were done, I went into each Flashback recording file and added markers to the frame bar showing what to cut and keep.

Added Dali’s Car, March Violets, and Specimen to Spotify playlist.

Closed this week’s eBay auctions. A few manuals sold, so invoices are off into the aethers.

And the to-do list only picked up a few “add to YouTube” items: The Bolshoi, Modern English, Dali’s Car, March Violets, and Specimen, provided there’s official vids available.

Oh, yeah, and one other thing. The first screencasting tutorial videos are a day or two from being done. Split the one into two topics, figure out a fix for the intro on them, and save the fancy footwork for later lessons. After all, all I know how to do so far is delete frames, so what do we expect from me? So real tutorial content is going up this week sometime. I’m jazzed about that.



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