Daily Log Entry 3/25/2017

20160219 Hue 5 small

Started organizing Flickr account, decided it was redundant. Almost deleted it, then decided it may as well stick around as another channel for posting images, because sure, why not?

Posted daily log updates for 3/23 and 3/24.

Added Daniel Ash to Spotify playlist.

Created long series of color variations on Chromatic Burst (above). Uploaded to DeviantArt along with many others.

Added The Bolshoi to Spotify playlist.

Idea: Chromatic Burst cast as flooring/wall tiles in resin, decoupaged, and several coats of clear acrylic.

Added to to-do list:

Add The Bolshoi to YouTube playlist.

More to come. All-Nighter Friday was a botch, as I zonked out about 2 AM. No fair. It’s only 11:44 PM Saturday now, and I’m feelin’ fresh as a daisy. Well, as fresh as a bog monster gets, at least. Let’s see what happens.


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