Daily Log Entry 3/23/2017

20170318a 800x450

2 eBay listings.

Started DeviantArt account. Uploaded a few older graphics to get started. [edit: 4K and HD wallpapers of the above illustration are available there, for free, even.]

Much experimentation with various planet-making apps. Still undecided.

Uploaded a wallpaper for Patreon patrons, because I should build that habit well before there’s actual patrons. I’m sure some of these will be more enjoyable than others, but hey, it’s a roll of the dice, right?

Added Adam & the Ants to the Spotify playlist.

Revised the FWB logo and posted for feedback.

Added to to-do list:

Clear Rogh Skoler of old content to prepare for new.

Add Adam & the Ants to YouTube playlist.

Add Daniel Ash to both playlists.

All in all, a good day.



Author: Rocky Mountain Bog Monster

Lifelong student with interests a mile wide and an inch deep. Autodidact. Pedant, hopefully of the slightly more pleasant sort. Sharer of things learned along the way. Lately of a creative bent.

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