Daily Log Entry 3/21/2017

Added some Gene Loves Jezebel to the YouTube and Spotify playlists. Unpublished until it’s built up enough to be worth it.

2 eBay listings.

Transferred several gigs of video to the computer for editing.

Took notes on deleting frames in Flashback Pro so I can start going through the files I’ve already got and cut out the garbage. Probably a tutorial video of me doing just that by way of demonstration.

Downloaded Polygonal Planet Project to try it out as a world generator. It’s about 90% of what I want. Headscratching in progress. Screencast footage taken of playing around in it, ready to be used in a screencasting tutorial.

Added to the to-do list:

Make PDF of 2×2 tile mold frame

Price and order more Oomoo in April

Order toner in April. I’m a horrible tree killer.



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