Daily Log Entry 3/20/2017


When I talk about being a rank beginner at all the things I’m attempting, and learning, and sharing, I’m not kidding. That’s a quick n’ dirty concept scratchdoodle (I don’t even want to call that a drawing) of the as of yet unnamed capital city of the land I currently call Skairus. That’s one of the things I did tonight.

Idea: Skairian capital serves as global center of learning, especially magic. Libraries from the world over. From this came dominance in global sea trade. Still not an empire.

Took care of incoming mail.

Updated task list as “in progress”: site customization, logo, site menus/organization, inventory list, video: using rubber mold first time, and shelf plans.

Added to task list:

PDF – tile mold frame

Price and order Oomoo in April

Order toner in April

2 eBay listings.

Video footage of my first casting. The casting should be just about ready. By the time I’m ready for it, it will be.

And here’s two shots of the freshly cast tile. Bonus points: my first test of the piece after being quite pleased with the texture was to throw it vigorously to the floor. Not so much as a dent. At least as a single flat piece, it’s pretty durable. The next question is how well it will take to paint.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The next test of the piece was to see how well it took to being painted without primer. I didn’t hope for much, but I’m pleasantly surprised.

Finally, here’s the painted piece after some trial and error.


I would say the mold making and the casting were a huge success, especially first time out.


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