Daily Log Entry 3/17/2017 It’s a doozy

And I mean a doozy. Way more stuff behind the Read More link.

  • Filed away all 2016 paperwork. Everything all set for 2017. Yay.
  • Made a quick n’ dirty really ratty-looking project board castle-shaped corkboard, sans cork. Slightly better than taping my to-do list directly to the wall.
  • Spent some time learning how to use the Cricut Explore Air. Spent some time working on a moderately intricate image just to see how well it does. I’ll find out Sunday if I got the graphic design right so that it cuts like I want it to.
  • Looked for a suitable time management app. With resources sunk into supplies, right now free is just about the right price. Nothing in Chrome did the trick, so I’m going to try Task List Guru. This project is pretty much all the irons in the fire, several at once, with enough rotation to keep them all hot. Now that I have a scribbled task list, I can definitely see the need to keep this organized. I might not have deadlines, but I like balance.
  • Also downloaded Evernote to give that a try. Soon enough I’ll be referencing a great many things to make sure I come up with really well-grounded content.
  • As much as I’d really like to be playing with the mold making kit and finding out if those tiles I sculpted work well, I really need to dot my i’s and cross my t’s. I’ve imagined a Hydra into being, what with all the projects I’ve decided are essential. Luckily, I’m giving myself about 20 years, maybe more. That way I can take my sweet time, enjoy the ride, and still end up with tons of useful content over time. At least, that’s the Bog Monster side of things.

So, for now, it’s time to stop babbling and try out Task List Guru.

  • 3/18/2017 And hours later, about 3 AM, I can say I really like Task List Guru. It took a while, but I have all those tasks entered and prioritized. Now I’m in the thick of the first “highest priority” task, which is review everything from my new webhost and make sure I’ve done anything I need to for everything to work right, like the ICANN email verification.
  • 3:31 AM Added a significant number of high priority tasks from the new emails lurking in the inbox from the new webhost.
  • 4:20 AM New site not loading. The temp URL had been up until about half hour ago, when I tried to connect the domain and got an error. I’m still pretty ignorant of what happens when new domains are registered and WordPress is set up, but I’m guessing it’s a DNS issue and that by later in the day it’ll be working fine. Otherwise I foresee a call to tech support. If they tell me to give it a few days, that’s cool. I’ve got puh’lenty to keep me busy without needing to be logged in for it yet.
  • 6:47 AM (officially into the 18th by normal people standards I think) Three ag manuals listed on eBay. Elderberry tea.
  • 9:12 AM. Total of 10 ag manuals listed. Just got SSL activated for the new domain after several attempts. Still can’t login to WP. Try again later. Added several tracks by The Mission and Red Lorry Yellow Lorry to Spotify playlist and a couple of tracks to YouTube.
  • 9:33 AM. Looked up info on accounting methods for inventory. Chose LIFO.
  • 2:25 PM Reconciled bank statement.
  • 4:37 PM Rest of the bookkeeping is in order. Unsold items are relisted. Records are better organized. New consignor report created.

And I think that’s maybe all the responsibility this Bog Monster can handle for one day. 33 hours into it. I’m beginning to think I’m just going to handle weekends like this generally. Start with All Nighter Friday, keep rockin’ through Saturday. Crash hard and be completely reset for Sunday stuff (and more Bogmonsterin’). Be back on my A-game for Monday.

Well, I did end up watching the intro CD for the mold-making kit, too. That’s going to be a process I need to do at the shop (or the annex). Apparently the fumes won’t do me any favors in the lair. Oh, and designed the first draft of the new bookstore page’s graphic. It’s too busy to call it a logo, properly speaking.

Total waking time from Friday AM til bed? 41 hours. And I had to convince myself it was time for sleep. But not for long. Here it is, Sunday the 19th, and I’m as close to “fresh as a daisy” as I’ll ever be.

Logo semi-final small


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