Daily Log Entry 3/15/2017 7:23 AM

Just finished the vast majority of the blog re-organization. Huzzah for all-nighters and insomnia! Three cheers for copious amounts of caffeine after 3 AM because by then the options were dire (call in when I really, really shouldn’t), risky (take the chance that a few hours of sleep wouldn’t see me sleep right through the alarm, or crazed (all-nighter followed by 8 hour labor job).

Call me crazy, but I just checked off a substantial item on my task list. Apart from circling back for follow ups, the next task up is to start working up my first YouTube tutorial on screencasting. I’m a teach-to-learn sort, so if I’m going to learn the software I’m using well enough to get what I need out of it, I’ll master the steps best when I need to understand them well enough to explain and demonstrate them to someone else.

Also added a few tracks to music playlists on my YouTube channel. Expect eclectic.


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