Daily Log Entry 3/13/2017 12:25 AM

It’s still today! After the hiccups with Episode 2, I’ve had a day to think about how that’s structured, and I think it’s good I give that a bit of a re-work. There’s a lot of introductory GIMP tutorial stuff at the beginning that’s just going to waste people’s time if they’re only interested in the few actual minutes of the progress being made. There might already be a million out there, and that’s okay. I have high hopes, and eventually there will be a you I’m talking to here. You’ve landed here looking for some World Building 101 material, and by cracky, yer gonna get it. We’ll all do better if I slow down and get it right, not perfect, just right. If you’re interested enough to try your own hand at various things I share here, maybe you’ll actually find something useful.

As for today, sometimes I think best about a thing by stepping away and picking up a different thing. Concurrent with the top-down approach, I’m also approaching it from a bottom-up approach. At that level, while I’m sorting out the specifics of the major who, what, when, where, why, and how elements for the larger world, life goes on for the common person, as well as it may, and there’s a million adventures awaiting the first level character for a million reasons.

So it’s time for a little local action with our little first level concerns, and all the trimmings and window dressings that go along it. To that end, I’ve been quite busy today. Voila, the fruit of today’s labors is today’s featured image above, the first dungeon tile design in progress.

From this, the plan is to develop a finished version for color PDF printing, a thank you to patrons and something of value for anyone else interested. From there, I want to work out the details of turning it into a really nice set of wooden tiles with low-profile features, and lastly, as a fully worked up 3D kit ready for painting. Somewhere in the mix I’ll try my hand at designing some paper minis. And there might even be the occasional storyline to accompany some bits.

All I know is I’ve been having a blast with this. We even already have our first small-time protagonist just about ready to roll. Will she get to her brother before the fool actually gets to the necromancer? He doesn’t realize what he’s getting himself into. How do things work out with her new traveling companion, an innocent man, he swears it, on the run from the heavy hand of what passes for law in these parts? He didn’t mean to knock over that lamp. Companion might be a stretch. Every time she leaves him behind, he catches up. Other than that, he seems all right.


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