Daily Log Entry 3/13/2017 11:20 PM

Learned a fair bit about the screencasting software, and figured out how to import from my camcorder’s native format. Still gotta develop some fluency with it, but I’ve got the basic concepts down. Getting some “watch the artist/crafter at work” content up soon shouldn’t be too hard. Still have to do the little bit of re-design here on the blog. Got the new shelves in today, so the lair is far better organized. Now I just need to make good things happen in it.

Major progress: finished crafting nine 2″ x 2″ floor tile masters from which to make a mold. I had a bunch of colors of Fimo left over from years and years ago. Crumbly as all get out. Worked just fine after working it for just a few minutes with an acrylic roller and a pasta machine by another name. I tend to think of it as the nightmare mill, since that’s what I’ll be churning out of it.

Next steps for Iaon: some continent design.

Next step for the 3D dungeon tiles: 2″ x 2″ multipurpose wall blocks. I think I’m going for a pegged approach here, so that opens some doors.

Next step for the first level bottom-up campaign materials: go from rough sketch to finished illustrated book pages for that one massive room map. PDF for download. And printable patterns for paper mini options. Just like I’m taking my sweet time with Iaon, I could spend quite a nice while just in this one room. Well, except for that one thing.


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