Daily Log 3/11/2017 1:26 AM

So close! I liked the scripting method from the first screencast well enough to do it again. After much preparation, 15 handwritten pages of notes, a trial run, and, barring a few minor (figurative) hiccups in recording, had nailed it. Until GIMP went goofy on me. So much for Take 1. Took a break from that. Looked at D&D 1e Module B1, In Search of the Unknown for a short bit. Decided to try Take 2 with bullet points instead of script. Made it all the the way through. Really liked (well, mostly liked) the visuals. And there were no GIMP snafus this time. But the sound level was way off in places. And I forgot to put up the credits at the end. C’est la vie. Still really good progress toward a goal. Tomorrow is a brand new day. Take 3 will be great. Episode 2 of World Building 101 should be up tomorrow.


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