February Daily Log Entries


Once a month I’ll transfer my Daily Log contents to a blog post here in the story line…for reasons of a tedious nature likely too dull to be of interest. For those who have missed the nitty gritty detail of this last month’s progress, here’s a digest of February 2017 entries. Not a bad start to this adventure if I do say so myself.

2/28/2017 12:30 AM: Struggled with graphics on for the biome map, but finally think I have a clue how to proceed. One “tiny” corner of Thara Kor is just about accounted for. Now there’s just a whole world to tend to!

2/27/2017 11:32 PM: Just sculpted my first 2×2 dungeon floor tile from scratch. It just went into the oven, so I’ll find out how well it comes out in about 25 minutes. Oh, the suspense!

2/26/2017 10:46 PM: Tried out the Rockwell Bladerunner X2 again today to make 2″ x 2″ wood bases for polymer clay modeling. There’s something goofy about the cuts when using either the fence or miter, but I do passably well by hand. It could be me, but I suspect from reviews that it might be the blade quality. Come payday I’ll pop for those Bosch blades and see if that helps. Other than that, I still like the machine. Good enough by eye is good enough for my purposes.

Of course, with me crafting means there’s yet another craft to pick up to take this to the next level. Woodburning materials are on the way for certain embellishments. And it looks like I’ll be learning how to make rubber molds and how to cast resin. Might have to come up with a reason to do cold casting as well because those metallic surfaces are awesome. For now, I’ve got my work cut out for me modelling some truly acceptable cobblestone floor tiles in several variations. That first batch, as thrilled as I was with my first little sample, just isn’t up to snuff. I’ll probably end up using those baked clay pieces as trim or window sills or stairs. Nothing wasted!

2/26/2017 5:08 AM: And we have our very first 1″ square floor tile, though I think it’s probably better suited as a cave tile than a dungeon tile. Bonus points for it being the first completed mini anything I’ve done. Hooray for YouTube videos, a touch of knack, and the magic of dry brush.


2/26/2017 2:17 AM: Spent a good part of the day setting up the scroll saw and trying it out. For the price point, I’m just glad it works at all. It’s the Rockwell Bladerunner X2, and about what one should probably expect from a tool advertised on late night TV, though that’s not how I discovered it. Price point at Amazon balanced against risk indicated by sour reviews balanced against not wanting to pony up for a DeWalt just now. It definitely handles the 1/8″ craft plywood with ease, but the cuts are really chippy. Next available opportunity, I’ll upgrade to Bosch blades and see if that makes a difference. I’d hate to have to blow through twice the stock just to pad the cut on the pieces I mean to use.

As for the plywood, it’s from Midwest Products via Amazon, and it’s a bit wanting. The factory edges aren’t square, for one thing. And I was surprised that it wasn’t sized as advertised. I learned last year that dimensional lumber isn’t what it sounds like, since a 2×4 isn’t really 2″ x 4,” but I expected that craft ply stated at 12×24 would actually be 24″ inches long, not ~23 3/4,” and all the boards are the same size, so that must just be how they come. Alas.

After that, I experimented with the clay roller and the polymer clay more today, and came up with a textured stone pattern I’m happy with for now. I’ll see how well they take to the Reaper paints tomorrow evening if all goes according to plan. Mounted to the 1/8″ thick 1″ square wooden bases, they come to 3/16″ thick, which seems nice and substantial while still being very lightweight. Now I’m looking forward to getting the wall design done so I can build the first corner and see how durable it is. Hard to check on a single 1″ square tile.

With that, here’s a peek inside the Bog Monster’s lair. One of these days I might even grow up into a real shop space, but this is plenty cozy for now.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And here’s the first 20 textured floor panels. I’d meant to start work on the biome map, but how could I resist the siren call of modern dungeon flooring solutions?


And a small army of mostly 1 hit dice (or fewer) monsters awaiting a beginner’s ham-fisted brushflogging. Gotta start somewhere, right?


Tonight’s music selection has been top heavy on the Killing Joke. Perhaps you’ll enjoy their Dark Forces.

2/25/2017 3:29 AM: And the climate map, today’s featured image up above, is laid out. Tomorrow I’ll fit it to the terrain map in preparation for planning out the biomes.

2/25/2017 2:00 AM: Northern hemisphere climate almost complete. Just now sweeping down into the equatorial belt.Maybe a little Love & Rockets is called for after all. I’m thinking: If There’s a Heaven Above, A Private Future, The Game, Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven, Haunted When the Minutes Drag, and Ball of Confusion. This one seems most appropriate at the moment.

2/24/2017: Got the swingarm magnifying lamp installed. Looking forward to even more shelves. MOAR SHELVES! Tonight’s music? Another selection from Bauhaus, but it’s going to be a late night. I can feel it. We can expect some Siouxsie & the Banshees along the way, and probably some of Peter Murphy’s solo work, and maybe even some Love & Rockets.

For now, how about Rosegarden Funeral of Sores? And Nerves. And Crowds, while we’re at it.

Definitely needs some Siouxsie. Here’s Overground. I’d also recommend Mirage and Metal Postcard off The Scream.

And for Peter Murphy, let’s start with The Light Pours Out of Me, and we’ll toss in Should the World Fail to Fall Apart and Final Solution for good measure.

And I changed my mind. Instead of Love & Rockets, how about Tones on Tail? Here’s one of my all time favorite songs, Christian Says.  I won’t be able to resist sharing Movement of Fear, as well.

That should be more than enough to accompany me on my journey through the frozen hellscape of Iaon’s northernmost climes.

2/23/2017: More shelves installed today. Finally getting supplies organized enough to be readily useful. Working on the climate map for Iaon. Learned some new basic tricks in GIMP about guide placement and merging layers down. Here’s a low-res version resized down from the larger working file.


And I decided that what we need here is a soundtrack, of sorts. Not of Iaon and the adventures that take place there, not yet. For now, just the sound of the work being done. Tonight? A fine selection of Bauhaus: Saved, from Go Away White, and the following from The Sky’s Gone Out: The Three Shadows, Parts 1-3; Exquisite Corpse, and All We Ever Wanted Was Everything.

2/22/2017: More baby steps. Today we have shelves. Soon, more shelves.One can never have too many shelves. And a new daily log.

2/21/2017: Today? More resource acquisition, as well as experimenting with some polymer clay ideas. Things are continuing to come together. Good feels.

2/20/2017: As much as I’d love to report in with a creative product, I can’t. This is a good thing. The product today? A four page plot synopsis from beginning to end that actually has me stoked. Of course, all the fun is in fleshing that out into something you’ll enjoy. At least now we know there’s something like an end in sight, however far down the road we must go to get there.

2/19/2017 11:13 PM: Nothing creative to report, yet it was still a productive day toward that end. Desk and art space are now nicely re-arranged. And I’m champing at the bit for Tuesday’s deliveries to arrive. Good times ahead!

2/18/2017, Part the Second at 11:57 PM: Other responsibilities stole me away for most of the day, alas, poor, lost Saturday, but other progress was made, and there was much rejoicing. After that, I looked up some material on various crafting techniques, identified a few to incorporate into the greater Work, and dare I admit it, “resourced” my way deeper into a hole by a fair bit. The upside is worth it. In the next few days I’ll be as equipped as I need to be for all manner of scenery modeling. And it’s become apparent that I need to get started learning how to use Blender for a host of reasons, mainly terrain modeling and eventually figure modeling. Tonight it’s time to take a closer look at the world map. The original may bear some correction.

2/18/2017, sometime in the wee hours: This post and the one at Patreon. Discovered that there’s something goofy about the WordPress date/time thing, and it’s getting me confused. We’ll roll with that for now. It just means the previous few days worth of log entry might not line up with what’s at Patreon, and that’s okay.

2/17/2017: No creative writing that’s visible, but I’ve learned that I do some of my best writing while waving a pressure washer wand around. I’ve also learned that a significant chunk of creating is consuming. I spent the daytime hours this day waving that wand and traversing the creative inner planes, shall we say. Souvenirs from that trip are forthcoming. I spent the evening hours reviewing source material. No post at Patreon. Bad Bog Monster.

2/16/2017: Ideas were spotted, but not captured or tamed. Spent the evening identifying source material and ordering some of the same and a significant amount of art supplies. The Muse is not a cheap date by any means. No post here or at Patreon. Once is a fluke, right?

2/15/2017: Hunted for a better WordPress template than the one I started with, went with this one, and tweaked it a bit to make it not entirely horrible. That was the substance of the public Patreon post that day. Wrote first Patrons-only post for those who have gone Behind the Curtain. Sorry, Lookie Lou, that one will cost you a buck. You can cancel after that, though 🙂 *ahem*

2/14/2017: Wrote and illustrated Iterative Stochastic Semiography and posted same here and linked over at Patreon. Shows up on WP as the 15th. That’s what I get for writing late at night and not fixing the date/timestamp thing in WP. Also made a 6000 x 4000 pixel wallpaper available at Patreon for those Patrons who have gone Through the Door (supported me at $3/month).

2/13/2017: Wrote and illustrated Eyes of The Only and posted same here (shows up as 2/14) and linked at Patreon.

2/12/2017: Wrote and illustrated The Only and posted same here (shows up as 2/13) and linked at Patreon, but only after first creating my brand-spanking new Patreon page.

2/11/2017: Wrote and illustrated The Vision. Created the Rocky Mountain Bog Monster blog as a medium for it.


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