Daily Log Entry 3/4/2017 2:39 AM

3/4/2017 2:39 AM: Another step closer to a goal, a bit more tweaking to do before it’s ready for the next phase. Still need to work on the transparency for the polar layer then add in the most extreme deserts. After that, time to figure out how to apply a flat image to a globe. Perfection not needed. Good enough for government work will get me to the next creative phase: designing The Only’s island, tower and his inner sanctum, in which he’s encountered in the flesh for the first time. Then I can finish designing The Only, the unnamed narrator’s appearance, and our lowly protagonist, Ghald. Ghald’s introduction will require some other scenery building…a mountain pass and an abandoned mine. After that, I’ll need to design Shyzalok (variant spellings abound…that’s loosely adapted from “shithole” in German), a washed out little mining town whose mines were depleted a generation ago, on the wrong side of the mountains, now lacking a decent trade caravan to the nearest river (like back in the old days), and of importance to nobody but the local noble whose ill luck got him granted this domain more as punishment than anything else.


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