Daily Log Entry 3/2/2017

Mea culpa. Failed to log the day’s progress again. Bad Bog Monster. Took a break from the climate map, which was coming along nicely, I think. Pretty soon I’ll have what I need for the next storyline illustration, so my mind is already wandering to the next requirement. So I had to take some time to shop around for a proper bit of real estate for The Only. After all, a character of its nature deserves a suitable domicile, if not an entire dominion. I now know where on Iaon The Only will be, and I’ve an idea of the surrounding environs. Then I spent some quality time seeking out inspiration for The Only’s home. And had some pretty good ideas about where in that home The Only will first be encountered, and what that looks like. These are all seeds for my crafting endeavors in the very near future. Once the scene is arranged, the story can commence anew.


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