WIP: Polymer clay dungeon tile

I’ve got the details I want on the floor and one wall. One more wall to go. 28 mm figure for scale to show how well it works with 1.25″ squares and one-inch walls. Also decided to forego grid on the floor space since the tile itself acts as a 2×2 grid. It should still be easy enough to suss out range and movement.


WIP: Cave entrance

Here’s the cave entrance terrain piece with most of another layer of plaster and paper towel strips. Unfortunately, I ran out of plaster. I’m looking forward to getting more soon so I can pick back up on this project. So far it’s been fun. Oh, I did learn one valuable thing so far. Don’t use 1/8″ craft plywood for the base. It has bowed significantly. Luckily, I don’t think it matters for this project, but it certainly could have.

First attempt at wilderness terrain

And lo, after some amount of time elfin’ around in the woods and rocks, our hero Thaz is irresistibly drawn to this moment in time by way of a clever plot device. He crests Two Stag Overlook for the umpteenth time, having become hopelessly bedeviled by a landscape that no longer makes any sense. This time he spies a cave facing him from the hillside opposite, which should have been Oaken Crown by his reckoning, except that it wasn’t. It was a hill whose face he did not know. If he’s going to find answers, he’ll find them there.

First, I started with a craft plywood board measuring about 12″ x 24″, some Titebond glue, and some strips of cardboard cut from a cereal box.


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Omphaloskeptigram: The Burning North – What’s going on in Nyarlathalas anyway?

Tonight’s mission: learn a bit about storyboarding. It sounds like something I would benefit from tremendously. There’s pretty much nothing about the storytelling craft I don’t need to learn, actually. Writing as a nonstop vomit of words I’ve got down pat, barring the errant comma and serious style problems. But telling a story?
*headdesk* *headdesk*

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