WIP – Thaz meets Purple Power

PIC_0066Sometimes the best path forward is a few steps back. Overall, I was pretty happy with the way the white shading worked. I was quite a bit less thrilled with the flesh and the cloak. The difference may have been that I actually got a little better. Or it could be that instead of using inexpensive hobby acrylics as I did on the cloak and skin, I used Reaper paints for the white and shading/highlighting.

I’ve heard it’s possible to get a really good paint job out of the hobby acrylics, but perhaps that’s the province of the exceptionally skilled. I’m not there yet. The paint used could be all the difference. I could check and see if I’m improving simply by starting another piece with the cheaper paint, but then if that’s the culprit I’ll just end up having to strip two minis instead of one.

That, and it becomes an excuse to invest in a good Army Painter set. I’m still happy with the hobby acrylics for scenery, so it all works out for the best that way since scenery burns through much more paint.

That said, now’s as good a time as any to find out if Super Clean really is good for stripping minis, or at least sufficient. I could have chosen paint thinner since Thaz is metal, but I’d just as soon find out about Super Clean now since some of the other minis for 13 are plastic. Just dunked. I’ll check back on him about this time tomorrow.



WIP: Thaz


Feeling a little better about the two-brush blending. Sooooo much cleaning up to do. At least I’m down to the last details, the cleanup, and redoing the cloak. Still not looking for perfection on my first piece using what I’ve learned. Once done, no time for tears. Just move on to the next one and keep practicing. Maybe by the 13th one it’ll look like I’m improving. That’s the plan, at least.

Miniature WIP: Thaz

For the cloak, I left the black as base. Next, I mixed a bit of purple into a very thin wash, and did the same with a bit of Liquitex Professional Acrylic Heavy Body Iridescent Bright Silver, and mixed the two washes a bit of silver wash at a time until I was happy with what I hoped with be the vaguest hint of purple/silver over the black. The end result reminded me of the night sky. I decided that the lining of the cloak should be glossy and used thinned Mod Podge Super Gloss. Then I topped it off with one more metallic purple silver for good measure. For once, I’m happy with an outcome.

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Painting miniatures: I’ve got so much to learn

WIP story #2 takes place on a world named Sestragarth, in a land named Nyarlatholas by the mages who know of such things, in a setting loosely based on In Search of the Unknown, and tells of the adventures of a band simply known as 13.

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WIP: Huge cavern chamber, cont’d

I’ve made a bit of progress since I last checked in. That first burst of activity was during a 10-day holiday staycation, so I probably had about 70-80 hours into it when I left off. Now that it’s back to the day job, time is much more limited. Even so, I’m pleased with the pace at which this project is coming along. By the same token, this is not the method I’d choose if I were trying to craft something in time for a particular game session. This is more the kind of thing to do for the fun of it and then one day out of the blue be able to haul it out when there’s a good session for it. Continue reading “WIP: Huge cavern chamber, cont’d”

WIP – huge cavern chamber

The Tale that Refuses Telling also requires a setting. Well, lots of settings. One of the most important scenes comes at the end, which just happens to be the part I’m tinkering with at the moment, and it’s set in a large cavern chamber. Here’s how that’s going so far.

I like to work in 7.5″ x 10″ tiles, as that gives me a 6×8 grid of 1.25″ squares (based on Wyloch’s scale).  First, I drew a printed map of a cavern (grognards might recognize it from In Search of the Unknown) at 1.25″:5′ tiled across several sheets of paper.


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