Learning the f-stop two-step

Best overall telephoto 18mm f-stop 18 800 px

At long last, I spent some time learning about the f-stop. Once Tony Northrup showed me which dials to twiddle and buttons to push to control the f-stop, it was time to pause the video and play with the camera for a while. I still don’t know all the lingo, but best as I can describe it, I shot a small modular cave entrance diorama using my 18-55 mm kit lens as well as the telephoto lens and the wide angle lens. I shot with every available f-stop at 18 mm, and again at 55 mm. Then I attached the other lenses and repeated the process.  Continue reading


Drawing experiment #4, part 1


It was difficult to pin down exactly the expression I was looking for until I saw it. How about flirtatious? Or is that just entirely comfortable, relaxed, and openly friendly? Again with the ambiguous expressions! After this, I think it’ll be angry, fierce, happy, laughing, sad, and weeping. Then a second round changing the gender on each type of face. Fat lot of good it does me to be able to draw a fierce male but not a fierce female. Same with all the other expressions.

For this experiment, I chose the young lady’s face above. Continue reading