Terrain: one step forward?


At this point, I think I’m pretty well sold on the wisdom of sticking with Smooth-On mold making products. Trial kits might not be the most economical approach, but I think one or two of them at a time should be more than enough for my mold making needs.  Continue reading


Terrain: slow, satisfying progress

I’ve been back to the drawing board a few times, but I’m ending up at a place I’m happy with.


A new favorite material for prototyping…tempered high density fiberboard


For one thing, it’s dirty cheap when bought at a hardware store as a 4′ x 8′ sheet of “masonite” (not technically Masonite any longer, but it’s the same stuff). Even at retail for a sheet, it comes out to around a third of a cent per square inch. Other than that, it resists warping. It’s uniformly 1/8″ thick. It can be cut with a box cutter by scoring both sides and snapping. The edges sand down nicely. And it is significantly less expensive than polymer clay. I’ll be using this as a base on which to work a much thinner layer of clay. The cross shape is to accommodate tile connectors.

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Classical guitar: bad bog monster


I intended to give myself the weekend off from both guitar and drawing practice. As I half-understand it, a short break gives the brain time to rejigger itself (I think that’s the medical term for it) and voila, improved dexterity! Then I missed yesterday altogether, wrapped up as I was in a dungeon tile crafting project. Missed drawing, too.

Tonight I was back at the guitar. While my dexterity had improved, my memory of the pieces had faded slightly. A couple of runs through each sorted that out nicely. Still not pro.

Terrain: I only look empty-handed

cave-94193_960_720There are several reasons I want to make miniature terrain pieces. In part, it’s because I would like the visual immersion as I plot out certain scenes of the tale I yearn to tell. I’d like to think that maybe one day they’d even be used in a game. One can dream. As much as anything, it’s just for the sake of the crafting. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed what little I’ve done so far. Continue reading

Drawing: a few more circles

Sometimes time just runs a little short. Better to have doodled a few circles than to have doodled none at all. It’s all instructive. Tonight I noticed that my shoulder has an occasional catch in it. Some arm circles for warm-up might be a good idea. I also noticed that even when I’m concentrating on holding the pencil still and letting my arm do all the work, my hand has a mind of its own and occasionally tries to move the pencil with a little nudge of wrist movement. There’s probably a suave flick of the wrist that comes with long practice, but for now I’m just amused at the body’s perverse way of insisting on the old habit one is trying to break.

Classical guitar practice 3/15/2018

Oops. Forgot to post last night. I practice Petite Valse again and got it into a passable state. A recording opportunity never came around, and one thing led to another and…

…here I am today on a new practice piece, Music Box by Aaron Shearer. It’s a tinkly little piece with some chord changes I find challenging. I did manage to get one slow, clunky play-through so I could remember what it’s supposed to sound like. After that I focused measure by measure to about a third of the way through before time ran out.

More practice tomorrow.