A glimpse into a likely future

And now for more binging on Game of Thrones and more…coastlines. Because of course more coastlines.

I’m not actually as bored with that as it sounds, but it really does feel never ending at this point because I’ve got an end product in mind, like maybe a PDF of 101 Royalty Free Continent Shapes, with tips and tricks (credited where due, without yanking all of anyone’s stuff) pubbed as an ebook somehow, priced at .99 on Amazon. Or .49. Or pay what you like at drivethrurpg, however that works. Details, details. It’ll have a link to a download of all the maps in a variety of image formats. Continue reading “A glimpse into a likely future”

Still considering coastlines

Today I’m going to take a look at some online sources to see what other useful tidbits I can pick up. My first stop is Crafting Plausible Maps by Brandon Kier at Mythcreants. He recommends starting with your mountains before drawing the coastlines. Adding them second is okay, too. Good thing for me. I’ll remember this going forward, though. Continue reading “Still considering coastlines”

More follow through on coastlines

Land ho!

I just flipped through the AD&D Wilderness Survival Guide. Loads of great info. As I expected, nothing about world building therein, but I had no reason to think there would be, just a hint of a hunch. C’est la vie.

Next up: Jaime Buckley’s Advanced World Building: A Creative Writing Guide. First thing’s first…having just scanned through it for the first time, I can tell already that I will be returning to it as a key worldbuilding resource, but for the moment it’s not the right tool for the job. Buckley’s approach is all about the story. The world map is an important part, but just one important detail among a vast number of other important details. There’s no guidance on mapmaking, however. I’m excited about his work and what I can learn from it, but that’ll be for later.  Continue reading “More follow through on coastlines”